{Georgia} Tied Up Memories Etsy Shop + Discount

Name: Tied Up Memories
Location: Atlanta, Georgia
Style:  Unique, Bohemian, Vintage-inspired
Prices:  Most under $50
Shipping: No free shipping offered


Tracy, the owner of Tied Up Memories, is a girl after my own heart.  She loves going to flea markets and garage sales.  That’s where she finds vintage jewelry that she remakes into her own creations.  Her jewelry is one of a kind, and is sure to get lots of compliments.

Grace.layered,glass beaded,boho,charm necklace. Tiedupmemories Berry red mosaic earrings /boho dangle earrings /minimalist /boho jewelry. Tiedupmemories
Grace necklace $38, Berry red mosaic earrings $12

How long does it take to make a piece of jewelry?
It takes typically 45 minutes to an hour depending on the piece. If it’s a popular piece of jewelry I can make it quicker because I do it often.

Floating pearl crescent necklace. horseshoe/ layering necklace. Tiedupmemories Libby. bohemian blue patina floral locket earrings.Tiedupmemories.
Floating pearl crescent necklace $18, Libby locket earrings $15

Favorite part of the business?
Tracy enjoys being creative and designing new pieces of jewelry for her customers.  She has been making jewelry for 7 years!

Least favorite part of the business?
She doesn’t like listing the items in the shop.

Tracy is offering a discount to my readers!  Use code Shopgal20 for 20% off your order. (EXPIRED)

What are you ordering?

*All images are property of Tied Up Memories.


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