{Maine} Maine Birch Works Etsy Shop

Name: Maine Birch Works
Location: Poland, Maine
Style: Rustic, Local, Unique
Prices: Under $50
Shipping: No free shipping

Owner, maker, and marketer, Chris, of Maine Birch Works crafts beautiful ring boxes, coasters, and cufflinks out of wood.  His creations are pretty & rugged.  They can be personalized in a variety of ways.  You could buy one for an engagement ring, for wedding rings, or simply for storing your ring at home.  The idea is so unique and cool.  I love the idea of having the top carved with initials with a wedding date on the inside.  The options are really endless.

Engagement Log Ring Box $19.99+, Wedding Ring Boxes $49.99+, Proposal Ring Box $19.99+

Your shop is really unique. How did you come up with the idea to make ring boxes?
I am a woodworker, and desired to grow my craft into the rustic realm. Thus, over time, the ring box was born.

How long does it take to make a ring box?
Every ring box takes its own amount of time, due to each being so uniquely different.

The wooden coasters would be perfect for a man-cave.  My husband is always leaving his wedding ring lying around, so this initial box would be great for him.  The wooden cufflinks are a fun twist on a timeless piece of man jewelry.   Perfect for the man who needs cufflinks, but doesn’t want anything shiny.

Natural Wood Coasters $19.99+, Monogrammed Ring Box $19.99+, Wooden Cufflinks $25+

What would you create?

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