{Maine} Clay N’ Wire Handmade Jewelry + Discount

Name: Clay N’ Wire
Location: South Portland, Maine
Style: Modern, Whimsical, Chic
Prices:  Under $50
Shipping: No free shipping
Social: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

Kelly is the woman behind the cool designs you will find at Clay N Wire.  She’s a full-time mom and part-time business owner who loves what she does.  Kelly describes her designs as modern, whimsical, and chic, though you won’t necessarily find all of those qualities in the same piece.  I love the variety in the shop.  All of the pieces are very fun, colorful, and completely unique.  You can also select 3 pairs of earrings from about 90 styles to create your own set.  Check out some of the pretties.

Turquoise Studs $12, Hot Pink Triangle Earrings $26Pink Cherry Blossom Earrings $20

What inspires your designs?
Often it is the colors of my flower gardens, but I have found myself inspired by a pattern spotted on a ream of fabric at the craft store, a cute character from one of my daughter’s story books, or a bold geometric pattern on some retro thrift shop find. So really anywhere.

Jellyfish Necklace $26, Green & Gold Horizontal Bar Necklace $30, Black & White Marble Necklace $35

How long does it take to make a piece?
Although I’m trying to keep more pre-made items on hand I currently ask my customers to allow me roughly 5 days to complete orders. Each piece is cut with a shape cutter, a sharp blade or hand rolled, on many items delicate metal leaf is carefully applied with tweezers, the piece is then cured and usually a resin is applied which can take up to 48 hours to harden.

Minimalist Beaded Cuff $27, Black Geometric Bracelet $30, Rainbow Bracelet $22

What is your favorite part of owning an Etsy shop?
The customers! They are simply so fantastic! They always come up with the most creative custom designs and truly seem to appreciate the love that goes into handmade work.

What is your bestseller?
My box set of mix and match studs is my best seller. I have over 90 different studs for customers to choose from where they get a discount over buying them individually.

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What are you ordering?

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