{New Jersey} Ewelina Pas Jewelry & Accessories

Name: Ewelina Pas Jewelry & Accesories
Location: Roselle Park, New Jersey
Style: Edgy, Chic, Bohemian
Prices: Most under $80, lots under $40, but prices go up to $320
Shipping: No free shipping
Social: Facebook, InstagramBlog

Inside the Ewelina Pas Etsy shop, you will find lots of natural gemstone jewelry in stunning colors.  Each piece is unique since no two stones are exactly alike.  Ewelina started her shop because she couldn’t find jewelry that she wanted to wear.  She wanted something that was chic, but also relatively inexpensive.  She began making her own jewelry and the Ewelina Pas Etsy shop was born.  Her styles range from simple & delicate to bold statement pieces.  There is something for every budget.  Check out a few of my favorites.

Gold Clear Quartz Earrings $66, Crossed Arrows Necklace $32, Labradorite Bar Necklace $38

White Howlite Double Studs $24, Turquoise Rosary Bar Bracelet $38, Magneta Double Ring $24

Stop by the Ewelina Pas Facebook page for a 15% off code.  Look in the “About” section.

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