{Wisconsin} Harmonie & Me + Discount +Review

Name: Harmonie & Me
Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Style: Simple, Delicate, Modern
Prices: $32 and under
Shipping: No free shipping
Social: Facebook


The jewelry inside Harmonie & Me is the kind of jewelry that matches everything you own, no matter what you wear, no matter your personal style.  The designs are simple, but they have elements that still make them unique.  The prices are pretty great, too.  Metal choices include silver, gold, and rose gold.  You can choose from dangly earrings, studs, and even dangly studs.  Check out my top picks from the shop (but really, I would be happy with ANYTHING)!

Harmonie sent two pairs of earrings for me to review.  The silver dangle post earrings have just the right amount of shine.  Delicate, lightweight, and unique, they are perfect for everyday. The tiny horseshoe earrings are a great alternative to my usual studs. They are still lightweight and easy to wear, but stand out just a little bit more.  These earrings are ones that try to hide, but will always be noticed.  Grab a pair for yourself.  You’ll be glad you did.

My readers can get 20% off with code shopgal20.  Expires 9/30/16.

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