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Name: Dashwood Shop
Location: Boise, Idaho
Style: Cute, Clever, Feminine
Prices: Under $21
Shipping: No free shipping
Social:  Facebook (Dashwood Shop), Facebook (October Sicily), Instagram, Website, Pinterest


Dashwood Shop is an Etsy shop that sells handmade extenders and jewelry.  So many of the cute boutique dresses I have in my closet are just a little too short.  Normally I wear them with leggings and boots, but would love to wear them alone in the summer months.  This is a job for dress extenders.  Dashwood Shop makes a variety of styles that take your short dress (or top or shorts) to an acceptable length.  They offer a variety of laces styles and colors and the prices are very reasonable!  Dashwood Shop also sells handmade jewelry and other accessories.  Take a look at some of my favorites.

What is the story behind your shop’s name?
Dashwood Shop is named after one of my favorite book Heroines, the Dashwood sisters from Sense and Sensibility. I’m one of those obsessed Jane Austen fans.

What is your bestseller?
We started out selling handmade jewelry. We still offer some of our most popular pieces in the shop. But 2 years ago we introduced our slip extenders and they are our most popular item. We have expanded the range of extenders to meet customers needs. We have 3 full slips extenders, 5 half slips extenders, short extenders, & 6 top extenders. We love offering options to ladies looking for modesty and layering!

What motivated you to start an Etsy shop?
I started this shop 6 years ago to make a little extra money as a stay at home Mom. I have loved having something that is my own and allows my creativity to flow. This online business is a huge blessing in my life and my families life.

Dashwood Shop also has a sister boutique called October Sicily that sells Dashwood’s handmade accessories and extenders as well as other boutique clothing and accessories.  Be sure to check out both shops!

Dashwood Shop is offering 15% off with code SHOPGAL15.  Expires 10/31/16.

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