{Oklahoma} FIT[ish] Apparel + Review

FIT(ish) Apparel

Name: FIT[ish] Apparel
Location: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Style: Graphic, Fun, Trendy
Prices: Under $35
Shipping: No free shipping
Social: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest

I’ve had my eye on the FIT(ish) Apparel t-shirt since I first saw it on Facebook.  FIT(ish) is defined as “semi-fit, kind-of fit, someone who likes the idea of being fit but equally likes food.”  This describes me perfectly – as I sit here eating a cookie after my HIIT workout.  What started out as an Internet meme went viral, and creator & personal trainer, Hayley Bobay, became famous.  With 25 million views on a single post, FIT(ish) Apparel was born.  The shop has expanded beyond the signature FIT(ish) tees to include the fun designs you’ll find below.

Hayley was kind enough to send 3 shirts for me to review.  First up is the classic (FIT)ish Unisex Tee.  I ordered a size medium to give a little extra breathing room for my not so fit days and for the extra length. Hayley was extremely helpful and patient with all of my sizing questions.  I can be a teeny bit neurotic when it comes to sizing, but she handled me like a pro.  The tee is by Next Level Apparel and is super soft.  The color is a very pretty rich, deep red that’s perfect for fall.  Burgundy is so in right now.  I wore this to Costco last week and received several compliments while pretending to be fit in the produce section (while eating a free muffin).

FIT(ish) Unisex Tee $22.50
FIT(ish) Unisex Tee $22.50


Next up is this truthful raglan tee.  Yoga Pants Every Day.  Exercise Optional.  It really describes my life.  Exercise is usually on my mind when I put on yoga pants, but let’s be honest – it doesn’t always happen.  The gold font on this feels so fancy, but the relaxed fit is so comfy.  I’m a sucker for raglan tees.  I sized up to a large in this for some extra wiggle room.

Yoga Pants Everyday Raglan $28
Yoga Pants Everyday Raglan $28


And finally we have the Cupcakes & Cardio Tank.  Hayley really speaks my language with this one.  To me, being fit is all about balance.  I try to eat healthy, but I’m not going to deny myself the sweet things in life.  Work hard, but treat yourself is my motto.  I most recently wore this tank for a quick treadmill walk before eating cake at a birthday party.  Practice what you preach.  I’m wearing my normal medium in this tank.  And it’s on sale right now for only $12!  Get one.

Cardio & Cupcakes Tank $12
Cardio & Cupcakes Tank $12


What tee speaks to you?

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