{Colorado} Crow Jane Jewelry + Discount

Name: Crow Jane Jewelry
Location: Denver, Colorado
Style: Modern, Edgy, Bohemian
Prices: Under $65 for necklaces & earrings.  Rings start at $125.
Shipping: No free shipping
Social: Facebook, Instagram, Website, Etsy

Crow Jane Jewelry
is filled with stunning, modern designs that are simple yet so unique at the same time.  Shop owner, Jessica, creates each piece by hand in the Denver foothills.  Her pieces have a Native American flair, inspired by her years growing up in New Mexico.  Some pieces have hints of turquoise, others are simply made of metal, but all of the designs are eye-catching and gorgeous.  Be prepared for lots of compliments while wearing one of Crow Jane’s designs.  I chatted with Jessica to learn a little more about her edgy shop.

What’s the story behind your shop name?
I’m a musician as well and Crow Jane is a song I’ve played forever. The subject “Crow Jane” shows up in old blues songs and has been done by more modern bands like Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds.

What inspires your designs?
I’m very inspired by ancient, native cultures as well as by alchemy and mysticism. And also by the moon! As you can see in a lot of my designs.

How did you get started with jewelry making?
I’ve made jewelry for as long as I can remember in one form or another. I was one of those kids who was always making something. It continued as a hobby and organically morphed in to my full time job which I am immensely grateful for!

Favorite piece?
I love making my one of a kind stone rings and each of them becomes my favorite. I also am in love with my modern squash blossom pieces.

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