{Michigan} Tee See Tee + Review

Tee See Tee

Name:  Tee See Tee
Location: Traverse City, Michigan
Style:  Graphic, Unique, Colorful
Prices:  Tee are $25 and under.  Hoodies are $58.
Shipping:  Free shipping on orders over $100
Social:  Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

The saying “third time’s a charm” is the the truth for Beau Warren, the shop owner and creative mind behind the Traverse City, Michigan shop, Tee See Tee.  Beau started out with a small Toronto t-shirt company, then tried his hand at live screen printing in Chicago, and finally ended up back home in Michigan where he started Tee See Tee.  His designs celebrate his home state in a very unique way.  Even though I’m not from Michigan, I fell in love with the cool designs.  I am a t-shirt lover, after all.



Beau sent these two tees for me to review.  Here’s what he had to say about this designs.

Greatful Women’s Triblend Tee:  “I figured going the Great Lakes route would be good since you are not in Michigan.  It’s also one of my favorite designs because it takes a second for people to understand that I didn’t just misspell Grateful:)  The year on the design is when the lakes were labeled the Great Lakes.”
My review:  I sized up to an XL (typically an 8/medium) in this women’s Bella brand tee, and the fit is great. I’m always worried about having enough length when I order a women’s tee, but this one is perfect.   The colors of the design are bold and vibrant.  I love that this tee is triblend – it is so incredibly soft with just the right amount of stretch.
Sugar Skull Michigan Unisex Tee:  This one is pure Michigan.  Hidden within the design is the state bird, state tree, state flower, petoskey stone, and elements of the Michigan Flag.  This represents what we do best, incorporate elements of Michigan and the Great Lakes into a design that anyone would want to wear.
My review:  This Canvas brand unisex tee is a medium.  I could probably also wear a small for a more fitted look.  This design is so unique.  I love all of the Michigan-related things hidden within it.  It’s like one of those hidden picture books my kids love to look at.  Like the women’s tee, this is a triblend, which is the epitome of softness and comfort.  Seriously if you haven’t tried Bella + Canvas tees you need to.  They are my absolute favorite.  They feel great and wash well.  I have one that is several years old and it still looks new!
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