{Iowa} Simply Maggie Made + Review

Name:  Simply Maggie Made
Location:  Dubuque, Iowa
Style:  Boho, Fresh, Fun
Prices:  Under $55
Shipping:  No free shipping
Social:  Facebook Group, Instagram, Pinterest, Website


Simply Maggie Made makes functional items that are pretty.  From the fun patterns to the happy colors, Maggie’s creations add a little flair to your accessories and make a utilitarian item more exciting.  Inside the shop, you will find totes, clutches, headbands, tablet covers, and scarves.  The patterns range from simple & chic to bold & unique.  I love the range of patterns and colors in the fabrics.  Maggie has an eye for style and it shows.  Here’s what she has to say about her shop.

Why did you open an Etsy shop?
I simply had the passion and belief in myself that by creating things with my own two hands, I could bring joy into my own life along with the live’s of those who received my items!

Favorite part of business?
Hands down all of the beautiful people that I’ve been able to connect with throughout the entirety of my journey.

From fellow entrepreneurs online,to all of my amazing followers and fans who’s support and feedback leave me humbled daily, and even fellow business owners who have helped me grow through amazing opportunities.

Just having so many people in general supporting me and my passion as my business grows is nothing short of amazing.


Advice for new Etsy sellers?
I’m not going to lie, it can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be….From my own experience this has been vital: Clear/bright/inventive pictures (let your products tell your shop story), honest pricing, and solid SEO and titles (how would you find what you’re selling online?).

Most importantly though, don’t over compare what you’re doing with other shops, it won’t allow you to be creative rather it will only stir you to do what they’re doing and if you’re serious about your shop….a cookie cutter shop is not the way to do it.

Favorite piece/Bestseller?
My cross body bags! I usually am never able to keep them in stock long enough, which is such an amazing problem to have. There are simply so many designs and pattern possibilities that it makes my “job” of creating new ones to stock all too fun!


Maggie sent a beautiful tote and zipper pouch for me to review.  Both items are well made with a sturdy canvas fabric.  This tote is simple & functional, but fun at the same time.  Maggie’s totes are reversible so it’s like getting two looks for the price of one.  The rope handles give it a slightly nautical feel that I love.  This tote would be great for so many purposes.  I can see myself carrying this to the library, pool, my kid’s games, the grocery store, and so much more.  I love that this is washable, too, because with 2 kids things can get pretty messy.  The contrasting pattern on the interior is fun and unexpected.  Love.

Reversible Feather Tote $26.99
Reversible Feather Tote $26.99


This polka dot zipper pouch is a really functional piece as well.  The contrast of the gold zipper is an unexpected detail that increases the cool factor.  This is the perfect size for keeping things organized in my disaster of a purse.  I’ll probably use it to corral my receipts or coupons or make-up or snacks.  So I guess I really need more than one of these!  This also has a contrasting interior fabric.  Who says functional can’t be pretty?

What caught your eye?19

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