{West Virginia} The Pretty Pickle + Giveaway

Name:  The Pretty Pickle
Location:  Fairmont, West Virginia
Style:  Nature, Earthy, Botanical
Prices:  $48 and under
Shipping:  No free shipping
Social:  Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest


The Pretty Pickle can turn your favorite flower into a unique piece of jewelry.  The necklaces are available in a wide range of colors and flower types.  The Pretty Pickle even creates flower necklaces that represent your birth month.  I didn’t know I had a birth month flower until now!  You will also find stunning necklaces made from real butterfly wings.  Don’t worry – no butterflies were harmed in the making of this jewelry.  They come from a local West Virginia butterfly conservatory after expiring from natural causes.  Take a look at a few of my favorite pieces and read on for more info about this unique shop!

What is the story behind your shop’s name?
When I was younger (high school days) my girlfriends started calling me Pickle, because I would drink pickle juice at lunch. I found it endearing and the name stuck. I added the “pretty” because I love alliterations and pretty things=).

What is your bestseller and/or favorite item?
My best sellers (which I also love) are the Daisy Necklaces that come in a variety of colors. My personal favorites are the neutral wings and tiny bark earring studs.

What is your favorite part of the business?
I love creating. The physical and mental act of making something lovely is fulfilling. I’m also a huge nature lover. The woods are my restorative place. Getting to work with natural elements is very satisfying. I also really enjoy meeting other creatives and exchanging ideas, learning and inspiring each other.

One of my lucky readers will win $25 to shop at The Pretty Pickle!  Enter via Rafflecopter below.  Entries will be verified, so please play nice!
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  1. I love the June Birth Flower Necklace, Real Flower Necklace, Rose Flower, Rosebud, Birthday Flower, Botanical Jewelry, Pressed Flower Jewelry. Beautiful!

  2. One of my favorite items is the Gold Double Beaded Chain Anklet // Summer Boho Ankle Bracelet // Delicate Bohemian Foot Jewelry

  3. I’m kinda digging’ on the Spanish moss necklace. I’m very much into gardening, so these all something I would wear!

  4. I love the Sunset Moth Hind Wing Necklace, Rainbow Butterfly, Real Butterfly, Wing Jewelry, Resin Wing, Swallowtail Wing, Madagascar Wing, Sunset.

  5. I love the green daisy necklace! That’s my favorite color and they are so pretty. Actually, all of the jewelry is very pretty!

  6. Hard to choose. I love the blue daisy but fell in love with the orange queen Anne. And the miss!I guess I kinda want them all.

  7. Pink Carnation and Green Fern Necklace, Resin Flower Necklace, Real Pressed Flower Jewelry is the piece that reminds me of Summer,

  8. I love the August Birth Flower Necklace, Real Flower Necklace, Gladiolus Flower, Birthday Flower – my birth month!!~

  9. I like the Yellow Queen Anne’s Lace Necklace, Real Flower Necklace, although I had trouble deciding between that one and the red one.

  10. I like the OOAK Blue Butterfly Earrings, Forewing and hindwing, Junonia rhadama, the Brilliant Blue butterfly, real butterfly wings

  11. Green Jewel Elytra Beetle Wing Earrings, Elytra Sternocera beetle wings, Real Beetle Shell Jewelry, Bright Iridescent Green, Wearable Nature

  12. Love theYellow Daisy Necklace, Real Flower Necklace, Yellow Chrysanthemum, Botanical Jewelry, Pressed Flower NEcklace! I wish she has a sunflower necklace!!

  13. i love the butterfly wing necklaces they are so pretty, i think my favorite is the real monarch wing necklace but they are all beautiful!

  14. I love the Poplar Spring Leaf Necklace, Real Leaf Necklace, Tiny Green Poplar Leaf, Botanical Jewelry, Pressed Flower Jewelry, Flor Pendant.

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