{South Carolina} January Jewelry Shop + Free Shipping

January Jewelry

Name:  January Jewelry Shop
Location:  Columbia, South Carolina
Style:  Delicate, Earthy, Understated Beauty
Prices:  Most under $100
Shipping:  Free Shipping with code SHOPGAL
Social:  Facebook, Instagram, Website


January Jewelry Shop layers metals & combines textures to create jewelry that can be casual or formal, bohemian or office-worthy.  It’s interesting and appealing to a wide variety of styles.  I love the simplicity and natural elements found inside this shop.  The enamel pendants (below right) are my favorite.  Each pendant is unique thanks to the kiln firing process, but they all have hues in the green family.  It’s a neutral piece that would look great no matter what you wore it with.  I love that this jewelry has a style all it’s own.  It can either compliment your outfit or it can be the statement piece in your outfit.  It’s up to you!  Here are a few of my other favorites from the shop.

What’s the story behind your shop’s name?
My birth month is January and I love alliteration. January Jewelry flowed nicely and it made my birth month even more special. 😉

What’s your favorite part of the business?
I truly love serving others. Custom work and creating pieces that will be gifts or provide special meaning to someone brings me such joy.

Any advice for other’s wanting to start an Etsy shop?
Give yourself grace and time to evolve and grow. I’m amazed at how different my work is compared to 4 years ago. Be your own voice–we need it!

January Jewelry Shop is offering my readers free shipping with code SHOPGAL.

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