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Name:  Pearl Magnolia
Location: Illinois
Style:  Boho, Rustic, Beachy
Prices:  $32 and under
Shipping:  No free shipping
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Pearl Magnolia creates jewelry that is pretty and delicate with a beachy flair.  The colors in the shop are calming shades of blue, pink, and green with a few other shades mixed in.  The necklaces come in a variety of styles like lariats, pendants, and tassels and well as larger statement pieces.  My absolute favorite necklace is the Double Layered Necklace shown below.    I love the mixture of the two different beads with the bronze accents.  It has a vintage vibe to it that has been my style lately.  I go through styles phases – vintage is in right now!  Here’s what shop owner, Angela, has to say about her shop.


What is the story behind your shop’s name?
When I was brainstorming for a shop name, I wrote down some of my favorite things and started mixing the words around. My husband was helping me and he came up with Pearl Magnolia.
How did you get started in jewelry business?
I was about 11 years old when I created my first piece of jewelry, ever since then I have loved making jewelry and dreamed of starting a jewelry business.
What is your favorite part of it all?
Designing and creating new pieces.


Favorite piece and/or bestseller?
One of my favorite pieces is the Ruby Fuchsite Long Necklace.

Ruby Fuchsite Gemstone Pendant Necklace $22
Ruby Fuchsite Gemstone Pendant Necklace $22

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