{North Dakota} Vintage Renewed + Review

Name:  Vintage Renewed
Location:  Grand Forks, North Dakota
Style:  Vintage, Unique, Intricate
Prices:  Most jewelry is under $75
Shipping:  No free shipping
Social:  Facebook, Instagram, Website

It’s no secret that I love shopping.  There’s something so exciting about searching for and finding that perfect, one-of-a-kind piece that is just too cool for words.  Thrift stores, vintage shops, and estate sales are a weakness of mine because I love the thrill of the hunt.  Browsing through Vintage Renewed is like visiting my favorite shop and having all of the best pieces right in front of me.  And I don’t even have to leave my house!  Shop owner, Pamela, takes old pieces and turns them into something new.  Her specialty is repurposing antique buttons and other vintage finds into unique and stunning necklaces & bracelets.  Inside her shop, you will also find these really cool framed jewelry pictures that she calls “Garden Art”.  I’ve never seen anything like it, and it’s gorgeous!

What is your creative process?
My creative process starts when I pick up a beautiful antique button or vintage pieces of jewelry, I love the hunt of finding just that right pendant chain, or baubles to make it unique and special.  Or working on a jewelry garden sometimes for hours searching for that one piece to get that perfect look.  I can get lost in my work for many hours and am pretty much addicted to the creative process. I really do love it!

What do you draw inspiration from?
I draw inspiration from my buttons and vintage jewelry. They are all small works of art in of themselves and I just love the beauty of each one and the joy of finding a new way to show them off.  I always wonder where the button have been and love the idea that my customers are wearing a small piece of history.


How did you get started making jewelry?
I have always done some sort of crafting my whole life.  I have always been a big lover and collector of vintage jewelry which also lead to my love of antique buttons.  So I have mixed both of them in my work for many years and have never grown tired of either one.  In 5 years from now I hope to have established my shop on Etsy with a good following of people that have found and love my handmade repurposed button jewelry and pictures.  My day job is being a tooth fairy ! I work as a Dental lab tech making teeth. I tell people I am a tooth fairy by day and a jewelry maker by night!

Do you have a favorite item?
Now that’s a hard one, I have made some wonderful necklaces with stunning antique buttons. I have a favorite jewelry Garden Art picture in a swivel frame. One side has a rhinestone Christmas tree and a garden of golden jewels on the other side all with my family jewelry.
I love doing custom pictures with jewelry it’s such a wonderful way to preserve your jewelry and pass on a heirloom gift.

Any advice for others looking to open an Etsy shop?
Read, read, read before you jump in and open a shop! The more you know before hand the better your shop will be and get good photos from the start. All of this will really help you to be found and and will save you a lot of time in redoing things. I have redone so much and still am!  Etsy is a lot of fun but it is a lot of work so be ready for that.  Do what you love and you will love what you do!

Pamela sent this beautiful vintage pendant for my review.  The tassels are on trend right now, and I love the chain!  You can remove or add links to transform this necklace.  In the picture, I’m wearing the chain doubled, but you can easily remove the links to make it a shorter necklace, too.  Love the versatility.  I love that this pendant has a history.  It’s fun to think about who wore it before me.  What I love about Vintage Renewed is that each piece is one of a kind.  Pamela designs are vintage inspired, but still have a modern element about them.  They are truly timeless!

What do you love?




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