{North Dakota} Bohemian Blu + Review

Name:  Bohemian Blu
Location:  Fargo, North Dakota
Style:  Simple, Elegant, Earthy
Prices:  $58 and under
Shipping:  No free shipping
Social:  Instagram, Facebook



Bohemian Blu is the kind of shop that I stumble upon and want to buy everything inside. The style is so easy and simple, making it effortlessly stylish to wear.  The combination of brass with delicate stones is very earthy and is easy to dress up or down.  Shop owner, Kristin, says she lives a minimalist lifestyle and it really shows in her work.  Simple is elegant.  Simple is casual.  Simple is just plain pretty!  I love all of the geometric shapes Kristin uses in her pieces.  From circles to diamonds and ovals to triangles, you will find lots of shapes and gemstone colors in the shop.  Kristin says that nature is the biggest inspiration for her designs.  Her pieces definitely have that boho, cool, effortless vibe that I love.  Here’s what Kristin has to say about her shop.

What is the story behind your shops name?
I get this question a lot….The “Bohemian”…well… I love the fun, free spirited, casual, yet simpleness of Bohemian style. The “Blü”….because it is such a soothing and comfortable word. This is how I want my customers to feel when wearing “Bohemian Blü Jewelry… soothing, and comfortable! This is so important to me.

What inspires your designs?
Oh I love this question! I am such a visual person. I am drawn to simple, minimal style. What inspires me the most are colors, textures, and metals. It could be a walk in the woods, a drive in the country, or a day in the city. There is inspiration everywhere!



What is your favorite part of the business?
I have two….
First…. the happiness of my customers. There is no better feeling as a designer than customer smiles!
Second…. the creative process. The possibilities are endless! There are so many new things coming to Bohemian Blü!

What is your bestseller and/or favorite item?
I love them all, however, I would have to say the hand hammered pieces. They are so lightweight and simple.


Kristin surprised me with this beautiful earring and necklace set that actually made me say “Wow” when I opened the box.  The set is so delicate, but still makes a statement.  The necklace is longer, making it a perfect mate for dresses and tunics.  And (as demonstrated below), it also pairs nicely with my standard uniform of a t-shirt and jeans.  The addition of the tiny stone really takes both pieces from ordinary to interesting.  I love how Kristin uses beads and gemstones to accentuate her designs.  She uses a variety of subtle colors that add a little something, but will still match anything.  Both the earrings and the necklace are really lightweight.  I’m normally a stud girl, but I wore these dangles all day without noticing them.  Until I looked in a mirror.  Then I noticed just how cute they looked with my hair pulled back.  This is definitely a set you need in your jewelry box.  The only question is – which style will you choose?  You can’t go wrong!









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