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*This post may contain affiliate links.  If you see something you love, please shop via my links to help support this little blog of mine.  You rock! Name:  Violet Inspirations
Location:  Madison, Mississippi
Style:  Earthy, Unique, Inspired
Prices:  $40-$90 for Pendants.  $20-$30 for Earrings & Bracelets
Shipping:  No free shipping
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Mississippi-based Violet Inspirations takes beautiful gemstones in rich, earthy colors and accentuates them with wire wrapped creations in copper or silver.  The designs are so intricate and completely unique.  Inside the shop, you will find bracelets, earrings, and necklaces.  The pieces in this shop are outfit makers.  The stones make quite a statement on their own, but the addition of the wire wrapping really takes them to the next level.  I chatted with shop owner, Heidi, to learn more about her unique shop.

What is the story behind your shop’s name? My crafting obsession began with my great grandmother, Violet. During one of our visits she gave me a knitting board and a little book that gave instructions for knitting, tatting and crochet. In 3rd grade I taught myself how to crochet and started selling potholders door to door in my neighborhood – those precious people bought them! Not too long ago, my sweet husband schemed and collaborated with a wonderful friend to throw me a jewelry making birthday party and I was hooked! I started out just stringing beads and then moved to a little bit of wire wrapping. And finally found wire weaving. I love the challenge of wire weaving and the endless design possibilities. I love the stones! Labradorite, tiger’s eye, and moonstone are a few of my favorites. So when I first started thinking of an Etsy shop, I talked to my Mom and she suggested the shop name Violet Inspirations, in honor of my great-grandmother who started me on my creative journey many years ago.

How long does it take to make a piece? Every piece is different. A woven piece can take anywhere from 2.5hrs to 4hrs depending on the size of the stone and the weaving design. After completing the woven frame I antique and polish each piece. The trees take the about the same amount of time depending on the size of the tree and number of branches.

What inspires your designs? The stones! It pretty much always starts with the stones for me. Certain stones need to be wrapped in copper while others beg for silver. Some stones have the perfect landscape for a tree of life pendant while others are showcased best with a woven frame.

Heidi made this beautiful Tree of Life Pendant just for me, and I love it so much!  This gorgeous necklace features a bloodstone jasper stone intricately wrapped in polished & antiqued copper wire.  I love the warmth that copper adds to an outfit.  Move over silver, I have a new favorite metal.  The stone is a rich, deep green color with flecks of dark red and a few shades of gold.  Today I chose to wear it with my mustard cardigan to bring out that yellow and compliment that pretty shade of green.  I can already tell this will be a versatile necklace.  I can’t think of a color that it won’t look good with!  I already have plans to wear it with something in dark plum, so stay tuned to Instagram for that outfit.  Multiple chain lengths are available, ranging from 18″ to 24″.  I chose the 24″ chain, which is perfect for wearing with crew necks.  Check out the other Tree of Life pendants available in the shop.  There are various stone sizes, colors, and shapes to choose from so you can find something that’s perfect for you!

Tree of Life Pendant $65.50 Tree of Life Pendant $65.50 My Outfit:
Mustard Cardigan:  Mossimo from Target (similar color)
Colorblock Top:  Anthropologie (similar)
Jeans:  J.Crew Matchstick (here)
Booties:  Target (similar)

Heidi is giving one lucky reader a $25 gift card to shop Violet Inspirations!  Enter via Rafflecopter below.  Entries will be verified, so please play nice. Use code SHOPGAL10 to get 10% off your order.  Expires 4/16/17.

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  1. I love the Deep Green Aventurine and Copper Bracelet. Everything is really pretty actually so it was hard to choose but that deep green is my favorite color, so I had to go with that.

  2. I love the Amazonite Pendant / Wire Wrapped Jewelry / Wire Wrapped Pendant / Sterling Silver Pendant / Sterling Silver Necklace / Wire Wrapped Jewelry. Absolutely stunning!

  3. I am the proud owner of the Labradorite tree of life necklace. I get so many compliments on it and that’s what I use to do some PR for Heidi. I gave a second pendant I got from Heidi to a friend and she loves it. Heidi id just super creative and talented.

  4. Tree of Life Pendant / Lapis Pendant / Wire Wrapped Jewelry / Lapis Jewelry / Copper Jewelry / Wire Wrapped Pendant / Copper Tree of Life

  5. Every Violet Inspirations item is beautiful and special because I know that my friend Heidi puts her heart and soul into each piece. I have 2 pendants in my collection and both are neutral colors that go with practically everything. Next up for me is something in blue because blue makes me happy!!😊

  6. Tree of Life Pendant / Wire Wrapped Jewelry / Labradorite / Tree of Life Jewelry / Wire Wrapped Pendant / Copper Jewelry / Copper Necklace

    I love the Tree of Life Pendant. A Tree of Life ring would be beautiful too. Oh and why not make some matching earrings while we’re at it 🙂

  7. Tree of Life Pendant / Labradorite / Labradorite Pendant / Wire Wrapped Tree of Life / Sterling Silver Tree / Wire Wrapped Tree

  8. Absolutely love the Tree of Life Pendant / Wire Wrapped Jewelry / Labradorite / Tree of Life Jewelry / Wire Wrapped Tree / Wire Wrapped Pendant / Silver Tree.

  9. Tree of Life Pendant / Wire Wrapped Jewelry / Labradorite Pendant / Sterling Silver Tree / Wire Wrapped Tree / Labradorite Jewelry

  10. Tree of Life Pendant / Wire Wrapped Jewelry / Labradorite / Tree of Life Jewelry / Wire Wrapped Tree / Wire Wrapped Pendant / Silver Tree is stunning.

  11. I like the Tree of Life Pendant / Wire Wrapped Jewelry / Labradorite / Tree of Life Jewelry / Wire Wrapped Tree / Wire Wrapped Pendant / Silver Tree.

  12. I like the
    Gift wrapping and packaging
    Dragon’s Eye Pendant / Aqua Blue Dragon’s Eye / Copper Pendant / Wire Woven Jewelry / Wire Wrapped Dragon’s Eye

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