{Wyoming} Sweet Sequels

Name:  Sweet Sequels
Location:  Ranchester, Wyoming
Style:  Bookish, Bright, Unique
Prices:  Most under $75
Shipping:  No free shipping
Social:  Facebook, Instagram, Website


Sweet Sequels is filled with original handpainted designs that are transformed into useful art.  With a  love of reading, a degree in English, and no idea what to do next, Haleigh turned her love of literature into a successful business.  Haleigh creates beautiful fabric creations like blankets, pillows, pouches, and more that center around classic books.  This shop is unlike any other I’ve stumbled upon.  The illustrations are beautiful and the concept is completely unique.  I absolutely love Haleigh’s Baby’s Guide books.  These contain quotes from classic stories that are turned into baby-friendly fabric books.  You will find stories like Treasure Island, Gone With The Wind, and MacBeth.  What a cool concept!  Here’s what Haleigh has to say about her shop.

What inspired you to start an Etsy shop?
My two greatest passions (besides my husband and babies) are books and art. After I graduated college with an English degree and was a little lost as to what to do with my life, I decided to start an Etsy shop that incorporated those two loves and see where that took me. Fast forward three and a half years and it’s allowed me to be a stay at home mom and provide people with deliciously nerdy goods.

Tell me more about the process in making an item.
My book cover illustrations are carefully designed and hand-painted by me onto plain muslin fabric – a unique painting process itself. I then get my designs printed onto fabric to be made into the various items you see in my shop. I also have recently started selling my original paintings as well.

Any advice for starting a successful Etsy shop?
It takes time to grow into the business you want to be. It was about two years of hard work before I started getting any real traction, so my main advice would be to keep at it when you feel like giving up.

What is your favorite item and/or bestseller?
My best sellers are my custom book blankets and Baby’s Guide Books. My favorite things to design and create are definitely the Baby’s Guides. I essentially choose a beloved work of literature and convert it to be baby friendly – I take my favorite quotes and make illustrations to complement them. My particular favorites are Baby’s Guide to Gone with the Wind and Baby’s Guide to Harry Potter.



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