Where to Buy Disney Tees

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My family and I recently made our first trip to Disney World, and it was every bit as fantastic as we hoped it would be!  We’re not Disney fanatics at all, but I knew when we planned our trip that I wanted to wear Disney tees every single day.  Why?  Because it’s fun, the kids love it, and it makes for great pictures!  Since most Disney trips are planned in advance, my advice to you is to be on the lookout for Disney tees wherever you go – Target, Wal-Mart, Old Navy, Disney StoreJCPenney, and even resale shops (I’m an addict!), etc, etc.  You never know when you might find something fun on a sale rack!  Etsy also has some amazing options if you’re looking for something a little less mainstream.  Today I’m going to share with you some of my favorite (and most original!) tees.  These received sooo many compliments on our trip and were definitely one-of-a-kind!

Magical Day Designs – Rochester, New York

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Day 1 of our Disney vacation started in the Magic Kingdom wearing our Stunner Shades tees from Magical Day Designs.  You will see a ton of Mickey tees at Disney, but these are so unique!  Magical Day Designs also creates tees from movies like Monsters Inc, to princesses to park specific attractions like Space Mountain and the famous Dole Whip.  With new designs coming every week, be sure to check back often.  These shirts are true-to-size and soft with a structured feel.  They wash well, too.  All of the designs can be printed on an adult or children’s tee, so don’t forget about your kids!  These tees were the perfect choice to start off our vacation!


Mouse Apparel
 – Phoenix, AZ

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Adrienne from Mouse Apparel sent this adorably unique “Happy with 100% Chance of Disney” Tee especially for our trip.  I wore it to Hollywood Studios and received so many compliments on it!  What I love about Mouse Apparel (besides the super cute designs) is the excellent customer service.  Adrienne is easy to deal with and she is so accommodating – she really feels like an old friend, but we’ve never met!  She’s also a really fast shipper.  She stocks all of her tees, so she can have your order in the mail the next business day – perfect for procrastinators like me.  Inside the shop, you will find a range of designs for men, women, and kids all printed on high quality tees.  The tee held up well in the laundry and did not shrink.  Adrienne’s designs are perfect for Disney vacations or for the Disney lover.  You don’t have to be at the parks to spread Disney joy!

Happy with 100% Chance of Disney Tee $20.99+



Planet Orlando – Orlando, Florida

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Planet Orlando sent this highly complimented Mickey Mug tee for our day at Epcot.  Everywhere we turned, people were asking about this tee.  Planet Orlando is a family owned business that opened in 2015.  This shop is truly a one-stop shop for all things Disney – like bags, tees, and decals.  There’s lots to choose from for men, women, children including themes like weddings, food, running, holidays, as well as classic character designs in a variety of t-shirt colors.  Embellishments like rhinestones and glitter add that extra flair that Disney is known for.  Planet Orlando will also have your items shipped directly to your resort.  Just contact the shop owners for more details.  This is a really great feature if you need to lighten your load OR if you’re a procrastinator like me!

Mickey Mug Shirt $19.99+
Mickey Mug Shirt $19.99+

Mickey Mug Shirt $19.99+



Target – Everywhere.  Target is everywhere.

Target is also a great place to find Disney t-shirts for the whole family.  I wore this Mickey shirt on our second trip to Hollywood Studios.  It’s super comfy, but I sized up since it’s a juniors tee.  I did see a lot of other women wearing this shirt, so if you want to be completely original, Target is not the way to go.  I also bought my husband’s Hakuna Matata tee and a few Star Wars tees for my boys at Target.  You can’t beat the prices!

Junior's Mickey Tee $14.99
Junior’s Mickey Tee $14.99


Hakuna Matata Tee $12.99
Hakuna Matata Tee $12.99
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LuLaRoe Irma – What size should you buy?

Image result for lularoe logoLuLaRoe.  By now, I’m sure you’ve heard of this brand most famously known for it’s buttery soft leggings.  Even if you’re not a leggings girl (like me), LuLaRoe has cute tops, skirts, and dresses also made from ridiculously soft fabric in a variety of flattering styles.

One of the reasons I was hesitant to try LuLaRoe was the sizing.  The sizes are all over the place and not consistent between styles.  You might get advice to size up or size down depending on the style.  This turned me away at first – until I realized that I am actually able to wear 2-4 sizes in each style, depending on what look I’m going for.

Say what!?

This means that even if you find your unicorn print (defined:  highly sought after to the point of obsession) in the wrong size, you still might be able to make it work.  This size 8/medium girl can wear anywhere from an XXS-XL depending on the style.  Confusing, I know, but I’m here to help with that.

Today, we’re going to talk about the Irma.  Irma is a high-low tunic with fitted elbow length sleeves.  There’s extra coverage in back which makes this top perfect for hiding your assets.  If you’re into leggings, the right size Irma can be a good compliment for them.  I have a longer than normal torso, so I’ve found that Irma’s don’t give me the coverage I need for leggings.  But they might be perfect for you.  I love my Irma’s with skinny jeans.  They also make a great layering piece under long, chunky sweaters (aka the only thing I like about winter).

LuLaRoe Irma Sizing

For size reference, I’m 5’8″ and a size medium/8.

My first-ever Irma was an XXS.  You might remember it from this post where I tried out 5 different LuLaRoe styles courtesy of the lovely Karinne Culley.  (Hop on over here to learn more about LuLaRoe & Karinne!)  I’ve never worn an XXS in my life, so I was unsure about this one when I saw that tag.  After I tried it on, I realized that what they said was true – you should size down 2-3 sizes in Irma.  Listen to the experts!  The XXS is a little tight in the arms, but the sleeves loosen up as the day goes on.  The more fitted silhouette is great for jeans and not too long in the front or back.

XS is my preferred size in Irma.  The arms fit just right, the length is good, and I have a little extra breathing room.  The small Irma gets a little looser on my bulging biceps (thank you, Fitness Blender!) and has a slouchier fit.  It’s on the verge of being more tent-ish, but not so bad that it offends me.  I really love the two tone yellow & gray on this one, so I can make it work.  This one would also be cute knotted with a maxi skirt or even over a dress.  I love making dresses look like skirts.   It’s like a little hobby of mine.  (Kidding.  Kind of.)

Last up is the size medium (my normal size), which is the largest size I would buy in an Irma.  The medium Irma is much looser in the arms and feels a little sloppy to me.  If my to-die-for-unicorn print were available only in a medium, I would still buy it, but I would have to get creative with knotting and tying to make it more flattering on me.  There’s a big difference in the back length from the small to medium – at least on me – as you can see in the photo.  It’s comfy for sure, but it feels a little big on my frame.

So, based on my *extensive* research, it’s safe to say that you can (and should) size down at least 2 sizes in Irma.  Some may be able to size down 3 sizes or just size down 1 for a looser fit.  It all depends on your preferences.  I wouldn’t recommend buying your regular size in an Irma unless you really want a loose & slouchy fit, or it’s the print that haunts your dreams.  If you’re still unsure, you can always find a consultant in your area and attend a pop-up event.  Then you can try on several sizes to determine the right fit for you and you won’t have to pay shipping.  Score!

Karinne has a Facebook sale every Thursday night at 7pm CST.  Join the group, stop by to see her new inventory, and enter to win some great LuLaRoe freebies!

Have you tried LuLaRoe?  What’s your favorite style?

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{Trendsday Wednesday} 18 Tops to Wear With Leggings

*This post contains affiliate links.  If you see something you love, please shop via my links and help support this little blog of mine.  Thanks!

Leggings. They can be great when you pick the right top, but they can be so very wrong if you don’t.

In my own closet, I have a few pairs of printed leggings (via LuLaRoe and Agnes & Dora), but the ones I wear all the time are solid black. Since my legs are my least favorite feature, I prefer to go bold on top. It’s really a personal preference. No matter what your choice, you should always choose a top that’s long enough to cover your lady parts. There is NO exception to this rule.

I’m on the tall side, so finding shirts that are the right length can be challenging. A few of my favorite tops to wear with leggings are actually dresses that are just a little too short. The junior’s section is a good place to look. I’ve found really cute and inexpensive pieces this way. I might have to size up a few sizes, but I can handle that if the cuteness factor is high enough.

I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite tunics/dresses/tops that cover your booty that would be perfect to wear with leggings. I always feel like I’m wearing my favorite pajamas when I’m wearing leggings, but I look so much more together than that. Which one do you love?

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