{What I’m Loving} Spring 2017 Shoe Trends

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4 Shoe Trends for Spring 2017


The weather in the Midwest has been all over the place, and it’s giving me spring fever!  I’m not quite ready to put my booties away for the season, but I’m loving all of the new spring shoes that are popping up in my favorite stores.  According to Stitch Fix, these are the top 4 shoe trends for spring.  Click on each shoe to see all of the color options!

Block Heel

I’m so happy to see block heels are on trend this season!  I’ll admit that I wore them even when they weren’t cool, and my feet rejoiced.  These would look adorable with some cropped pants and a pretty spring sweater or with your favorite sundress.  The good news is that heel height doesn’t matter!  Whether you like sensible 2″ heels or more adventurous 4″ heels, you’ll be right in style.


Lace-Up Flats

Flats have always been my favorite.  Just take a peek in my closet and you will see all kind of styles, but I just realized today that I don’t own any lace-up flats.  That will have to change this season.  These ballet-inspired shoes accentuate the ankles with the lace-up details and are perfect with nearly any outfit.  I found them in a variety of colors as well as pointy and rounded toe styles.  Whether you want a little or a lot of shoelace, these are an easy (and comfy!) way to update your shoe wardrobe.


Heeled Sandals

Heeled sandals feel so prim and proper to me.   I love the new details like lace and intricate straps that are adding a bit of modern style to a traditional shoe.  If traditional is your look, you can find plenty of simple styles, too.  I also found lots of fun colors that add a new twist to an old favorite.  This is the perfect party shoe when you need to look classy, but still want to show your personality.


Modern Mules


Mules.  This is the only shoe trend I’m having a difficult time with.   When I hear mule, I think of Crocs.  Not that I don’t love Crocs (yes, I have a pair), but they don’t fall into the stylish category for me.  After seeing how designers are making this trend modern, I might have to give it another chance.  I especially LOVE the last shoe on the far right above.   The three straps really do it for me.  I love that it has the feeling of a sandal without requiring a pedicure.  Sold.


What style are you excited to add to your closet?



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{Trendsday Wednesday} 18 Tops to Wear With Leggings

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Leggings. They can be great when you pick the right top, but they can be so very wrong if you don’t.

In my own closet, I have a few pairs of printed leggings (via LuLaRoe and Agnes & Dora), but the ones I wear all the time are solid black. Since my legs are my least favorite feature, I prefer to go bold on top. It’s really a personal preference. No matter what your choice, you should always choose a top that’s long enough to cover your lady parts. There is NO exception to this rule.

I’m on the tall side, so finding shirts that are the right length can be challenging. A few of my favorite tops to wear with leggings are actually dresses that are just a little too short. The junior’s section is a good place to look. I’ve found really cute and inexpensive pieces this way. I might have to size up a few sizes, but I can handle that if the cuteness factor is high enough.

I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite tunics/dresses/tops that cover your booty that would be perfect to wear with leggings. I always feel like I’m wearing my favorite pajamas when I’m wearing leggings, but I look so much more together than that. Which one do you love?

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2016 Nordstrom Holiday Gift Guide – For Her

I love shopping at Nordstrom for holiday gifts.  It’s so easy and convenient, the shipping is free both ways, and there are tons of great options at every price point.  AND I can sit on my couch in my pjs binge watching Revenge on Netflix while I play Santa.  Sweet!

Here are 30 of my favorite gift ideas for your mom, daughter, best friend, sister, cousin, aunt, or any female in your life.  (It’s also okay to pick out something for yourself, too.)  The best part is everything is under $25.

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{My Style} Mystree Maxi from PB&J Boutique + Discount

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Today I’m doing my first product review and sharing my face with you.  Get excited, I know!

PBJ Boutique

PB&J Boutique sent me this beautiful maxi dress to review.  I was beyond excited to receive it.  And then I realized I would have to take pictures.  Of myself.  And post them on the internet.  But this dress is totally worth it, so here it goes.

This maxi is made by one of my favorite brands, Mystree, which I discovered via the lovely Julie at TAG Online Boutique.  I was thrilled to find out that PB&J Boutique sells a large selection of Mystree products.  This navy striped dress did not disappoint.  The neckline is accented by gray and white piping with a matching drawstring waist.  I decided to keep the styling simple with a pop of yellow and some floral, which you know are two of my absolute favorites if you’ve read my other posts.  This combo makes my eyes happy.pbjdress-styled



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