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Name: Hardwear Designs
Location: Nashville, Tennessee
Style: Fun, Eclectic, Personal
Price: Most under $50
Shipping: No free shipping
Social: Facebook, Website

Hardwear Designs specializes in copper & brass designs for men and women.  The husband and wife team creates jewelry, key chains, wallet inserts, business card cases, and lots more, that incorporate recycled and vintage components.  Many items can be personalized and others contain inspirational messages that resonate with many of their customers.

I love inspirational jewelry, and this first necklace is a great reminder of what I should be doing every single day.  The simplicity of these hammered earrings is beautiful, and the teardrop shape is just my style.  The book pendants are very unique and a design I’ve never seen before.  You can flip through these to read the message inside.  Love.
LIVE ON PURPOSE Brass and Copper Necklace, Handmade, Hammered, Stamped with Live On Purpose Copper Hammered Teardrop Earrings with Copper Wire, Boho, Rustic, Hippie, Casual, Gift for Her Life Begins At The End Of Your Comfort Zone - Metal Book Pendant - Copper, Brass with Etched Cover - Can Be Personalized
Live on Purpose Necklace $30, Copper Hammered Earrings $22, Comfort Zone Book Pendant $35

How did your business get started?
I am self taught and started working with jewelry in 2007. I spent a career in the culinary world as a chef and caterer, but have traded my knife for a hammer. After making way too many pieces as a hobby I decided to sell my work, did a few shows, then a few more…then went full time with my husband in 2013. We now have had over 16,000 sales on Etsy and hope to expand into wholesale later this year.

What inspires your designs?
Quotes, music lyrics, and positive wording are my biggest inspirations. We also love funky, spiritual, mythical, and some geekery things so those always find their way into our designs.

Etched Wildflowers Cuff - Solid 18 gauge Brass Cuff Bracelet - Handmade CALENDAR KEYCHAIN - Hand Stamped Aluminum Calendar - Date Highlighted with Heart - Anniversary, Wedding, Birthday, Graduation, First Date Wallet Card Insert, BRUSHED MATTE FINISH, Copper, Hand Stamped, Anniversary, Valentine's, Love, Wedding, Personalized Gift, Customized
Etched Wildflowers Cuff $30, Calendar Keychain $26, Customized Wallet Card $15+

What does a typical day look like?
We have two full time metal artists that work very hard with making and finishing many of our products. We check the sales from the previous day, work with our customers to finalize the customization details and then the magic happens. We are finishing orders from the previous day, then we begin on any new items. Everything is hand cut, sanded, filed, stamped, etched, and torched. There is nothing that leaves the studio that hasn’t been through a number of steps to provide the best items possible. In the afternoons we are shipping our items globally and then begin again. It is a never ending wheel of production, and we do take great pride in our handcrafted work and techniques.

Favorite/Least favorite part of the business?
As an artist, my least favorite part of the business is probably trying to manage the business part of it. Paperwork is not my thing, but someone has to do it! As we have grown it has taken more of my time and slows down the creative process of coming up with new ideas. Which brings me to my favorite part…coming up with new ideas!

What are your favorite pieces and/or bestsellers? (pictured below)
Our custom stamped metal wallet cards are probably the best sellers online. At our art shows the etched and stamped book pendants seem to get the most attention. They are fun to flip through and very unique. Our newest hot sellers are the etched wall plaques that come in a variety of sizes and can have full customization.

 I Love You To The Moon And Back, Book Pendant, Stamped Copper and Brass with Etched Cover, Can Be Customized Etched Wallet Card Insert - Copper - Reverse Etched - Don't Give Up...Get Up - Inspiration - Birthday Gift - Customize - Corporate Gift
Weird People Plaque $48+, Moon & Back Book Pendant $35, Don’t Give Up Wallet Card $30

I love that Hardwear Designs sells products that men would love to receive.  Use code DADSROCK16 to get 15% off your purchase.

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