{Arkansas} Moon Garden Designs

Name: Moon Garden Designs
Location: Hardy, Arkansas
Style: Fun, Colorful, Eclectic
Price:  $28.50 and under
Shipping: No free shipping

The mother & son team behind Moon Garden Designs gets inspiration from nature, books, art, and travel.  They have been crafting together for 20 years.  They create beautiful pendants that are one-of-a-kind.  Here are a few of my favorites.
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Robin Redbreasts $12.50+, Just Read Book $12.50+, Watercolor Poppies $12.50+

What is a typical day like?
A typical day is crawling out of bed mid-morning, spending an hour or more over coffee and a little light reading, walking the dog, and then working until quite late in the evening (with time off for a bit of exercise throughout the day).

Favorite part of the business?
I love the creativity of Photoshop and the imaginative aspect of this type of jewelry and also love being able to work at home and keep my own hours.

Least favorite part of the business?
My least favorite part is the Christmas rush — no time to do anything except work, eat and sleep (more or less in that order of priority). It’s 3 weeks of total craziness!

Gustav Klimt Farm Garden necklace, Klimt jewelry, Klimt art jewelry, Klimt art pendant, garden art pendant, gardener's gift garden gift Well-behaved Women Seldon Make History necklace, quote pendant, quote necklace, quote jewelry funny quote necklace Airmail from Paris vintage style necklace, Paris jewelry, Paris necklace, romantic necklace, travel
Gustav Klimt Farm Garden $12.50+, Well Behaved Women $12.50+, Airmail from Paris $27.75

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