{Indiana} Memory Muse Handcrafted Metalwork Jewelry

Name: Memory Muse Handcrafted Metalwork Jewelry
Location: Indianapolis, Indiana
Style: Bohemian, Offebeat, Fun
Prices: Most under $55 with some higher priced items
Shipping: No free shipping offered

An Etsy search for metalwork jewelry in Indiana led me to discover today’s shop, Memory Muse.  I was immediately drawn to the natural beauty and one-of-a-kind style of absolutely everything in the shop.  Each piece is truly a work of art and certainly unique.  I had a really difficult time choosing my favorite pieces to share here!  Owner, Sherry, describes her pieces in detail and really makes you feel the thought & care she puts into every piece.  She pays a lot of attention to detail, and it shows.

What is the story behind your shop name?
The name of my shop Memory Muse is a very personal title. When I was beginning metalsmith, my mom was my muse. She encouraged me, was excited about my accomplishments, and always had great ideas for a new jewelry pieces. I lost my beautiful mom recently, and it was thru my memories of her that the muse is still alive.
Acid etched copper tube spinning beads pendant with copper tube necklace Orthoceras fossil pendant with copper ball chain
Acid Etched Copper Tube Necklace $53, Orthoceras Fossil Pendant $48

What is your favorite part of the business?
My favorite part of being Memory Muse has surprised me. Talking with my customers has been a complete joy! The feedback, consulting on a custom design, or helping them tweak that perfect piece inspires me every day. They challenge me, and give me wings… and I absolutely love it!
Organic boho copper hoops with glass beads Acid etched copper dangle earringsOrganic Boho Copper Hoops with Beads $28, Acid Etched Copper Dangle Earrings $18

How long does it take to make a piece of jewelry?
When I am in my studio, I will see shapes that I need to make. I’ll saw out an oval, and decide it needs texture. Maybe it will also get a fire patina. And then, that piece will sit on a special shelf for me to look at until it ‘speaks’ to me and says what it wants to be! So sometimes, a piece can take weeks to make:) Other times, ideas come fast and I can make a piece in a couple hours. It’s that muse thing…:)
Rustic Copper trio bangle bracelets Copper cuff bracelet with air chased texture
Rustic Copper Trio Bangle Bracelets $28, Copper Cuff Bracelet with Air Chased Texture $35

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