{Oklahoma} Favoring Brave + Discount + Giveaway

Name: Favoring Brave
Location: Tulsa, Oklahoma
Style: Minimalist, Nerdy, Timeless
Prices: $48 and under
Shipping: No free shipping, but you can join the Insiders Club and get free shipping!
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Jill, the creator of Favoring Brave, turns old damaged books that would otherwise be thrown in the trash into works of art.  She creates one-of-a-kind jewelry and home decor items with the books she rescues.  A little fact about me – I love to read and Nancy Drew was my absolute favorite when I was a little girl.  And look what I found at Favoring Brave!!  My nerdy side is loving these so much.  All of the pieces Jill creates are made from real books, not copies.  No impostors here!

Nancy Drew Necklace $20
Nancy Drew Necklace $20


What’s the story behind your shop name?
The name Favoring Brave came out of the bravery it took to quit my full time job without a safety net and go all in on my dream of owning a handmade company that would give me a sustainable creative and free life. It was touch and go for awhile there, but I am happy to report that it worked! Now I try and use my brand to encourage others to be brave about their dreams in their own lives.


What is your favorite part of the business?
I love making things! I have had to force myself to the learn the accounting, marketing, etc. that it takes to run a business, but it has always been so worth it because it allows me to make things every day!

What is your favorite piece?
I love my “Read books” earrings.  They go straight to my roots. I started all this because of how much books were a constant and beautiful part of my life.

Read Books Studs $12
Read Books Studs $12


Here’s the good news – my readers can get 10% off with code BRAVELADIES.

And here’s the even better news – Favoring Brave is also giving away a Map Pendant featuring the winner’s choice of location!  Enter via Rafflecopter below.  Entries will be verified, so please play nice!

Map Pendant $16+
Map Pendant $16+

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. I really love the Philosophy Necklace, Silver Triangle Necklace! It is a really fun shape and I love the book page that was used!

  2. My favorite item is the “Gifts for Writers, Write Charm Necklace, Literary Gifts, Jewelry for Writers, Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas” – “write”!

  3. So I actually really like the map pendants. What caught my eye was the Houston pendant. I grew up in Houston and sadly no longer live there, however I do have a large map of the Houston metropolitan area in my kitchen (I’m in Colorado now, people must think I’m so strange). So, I don’t know, the idea of putting a map or book text on a necklace is great to begin with but the Houston map pendant seems right and homey =)

  4. I love the Nancy Drew Jewelry, Vintage Book Necklace, Girl Detective Gifts, Book Lover Gift– I read these books as a girl. My grandmother bought them used for me traveling to every thrift store she could find. My daughter read my copies. These are excellent necklaces.

  5. One item I would definitely get is the
    Secret Garden Book Coasters, Frances Burnett Novel Decor. My 4th grade teacher would read to us for 20-30 minutes after lunch each day and one book she read is The Secret Garden which I loved.

  6. I love the focus camera necklace! It would make a great gift for my sister who just graduated with her Bachelor’s in digital photography

  7. The Wizard of Oz Coasters, Literary Hostess Gift, Wicked Witch of the West Decor, Yellow Brick Road Home Decorations would be great to have! That’s one of my favorite movies!

  8. I love the Bloom Charm, Budget Bridesmaid Gifts, Bloom Where You Are Planted, Inspirational Gifts for Women, Inspirational Jewelry!!

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