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Name:  Yourn Nonce
Location:  West Chester, Pennsylvania
Style: Modern, Charming, Natural
Prices:  Most $60 and under with a few higher price items
Shipping:  No free shipping
Social:  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Website, Etsy


Yourn Nonce is an Etsy shop that sell beautiful vintage jewelry.  Shop owner, Cole, is a frequent visitor of estate and garage sales, always looking for that one of a kind piece to sell in the shop. Yourn Nonce has a good selection of vintage rings in a variety of sizes.  The inventory is always changing, so if you see something you love be sure to buy it before it’s gone forever!  Here’s what Cole has to say about her shop.

What is the story behind your shop’s name?
As an avid reader I’ve fallen in love with old and middle English words. I wanted my shop name to have personal meaning and a message that resonated with my customers. Both words, yourn and nonce are archaic middle English. Yourn is a possessive pronoun, similar to “yours.” Nonce is this particular present moment or occasion. In short: this moment of yours. It reminds me to take care in the present and make the most of each experience because our moments are fleeting.
Where are your favorite places to find great vintage pieces?

My favorite places to find vintage items are at estate sales on the Main Line (a very affluent collection of suburbs on what was historically the first rail line connecting Pittsburgh to Philly.) I love feeling a connection from viewing part, or in some cases, a person’s entire jewelry collection. On many occasions I’ve also had the opportunity to learn more about the person from family members at the sales, allowing me to pass on history and stories to my customers.

What motivated you to start an Etsy shop?
In part my Grandmother, but also the desire to share my love for vintage earrings. During my youth, I was unable to maintain pierced ears due to a metal sensitivity. My Grandma saved me by introducing me to clip earrings, as well as antiquing and a full appreciation for vintage style. Eventually I was able to maintain piercings, and took it upon myself to transform my old clips with reliable studs. I had such a passion for it that I decided to put my hobby into high gear and share it with the world. My shop contains clip earrings fit with new studs, as well as original posts, clips and screw backs.
 Any words of advice for others looking to open an Etsy shop?
Oh so many. For starters set appropriate expectations: Be prepared to work hard and research. Selling anything isn’t easy and selling something you’re passionate about comes with its own hardships. Be positive, research, network, learn about photography and lighting, remember to use constructive criticism as a tool, and above all be kind to your customers, as well as yourself.
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