{North Dakota} Metal Trends Designs

Name:  Metal Trends Designs
Location:  West Fargo, North Dakota
Style:  Personalized, Casual, Classic
Prices:  $70 and under
Shipping:  No free shipping


Metal Trends Designs creates personalized family jewelry that makes a great gift.  Perfect for mom, grandma, or even yourself, these designs are a little different from your standard “mom jewelry”.  Many of the designs feature a family tree, but not just any family tree.  My favorite is the one with Swarovski crystal birthstones on the branches, like the middle Grandma necklace below.  I also love all the mixing of metals in the shop.  This is one of my favorite looks – it makes jewelry wearing so much easier.  I always feel too matchy-matchy when I wear all of the same metals.  These necklaces solve that problem, making it really easy to coordinate with other pieces in your jewelry box.  If you don’t want your jewelry personalized, there are several options with cute sayings matched with equally cute charms.  Stop by the shop to see more!

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