{Wyoming} Sweet Sequels

Name:  Sweet Sequels
Location:  Ranchester, Wyoming
Style:  Bookish, Bright, Unique
Prices:  Most under $75
Shipping:  No free shipping
Social:  Facebook, Instagram, Website


Sweet Sequels is filled with original handpainted designs that are transformed into useful art.  With a...Read More »

{Virginia} An Adventure Awaits


Name:  An Adventure Awaits
Location:  Alexandria, Virginia
Style:  Vintage, Wanderlust, Graphic
Prices:  Most $50 and under
Shipping:  No free shipping
Social:  Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest


An Adventure Awaits is owned and operated by a boyfriend/girlfriend team with a love of travel.  They...Read More »

{West Virginia} The Sophisticated Hillbilly + Discount

Name:  The Sophisticated Hillbilly
Location: Flat Top, West Virginia
Style:  Rustic, Modern, Farmhouse
Prices:  $110 and under
Shipping:  No free shipping
Social:  Facebook, Instagram


The Sophisticated Hillbilly creates shabby chic signs with a modern farmhouse appeal.  This husband and wife team hand-paints...Read More »

{Montana} The Coin Laundry + Giveaway

Name:  The Coin Laundry
Location: Bozeman, Montana
Style:  Quirky, Whimsical, Graphic
Prices:  $30 and under
Shipping:  No free shipping
Social:  Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

The Coin Laundry is an Etsy shop that sells kitchen towels, napkin sets, aprons, and kids...Read More »

{Montana} Meriwether of Montana + Giveaway

Meriwether of Montana

Name:  Meriwether of Montana
Location: Whitefish, Montana
Style: Funny, Quirky, Honest
Prices:  Most under $35
Shipping:  No free shipping
Social:  Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest

Meriwether of Montana is full of gifts for that hard to buy for smart ass in your...Read More »

{Massachusetts} Uni-T + Giveaway

Name: Uni-T
Location: Natick, Massachusetts
Style: Graphic, Inspirational, Quirky
Prices: Clothing is $42 and under
Shipping: No free shipping, but local pick-up is available
Social: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest

Uni-T is an eclectic boutique shop...Read More »

{Illinois} Megan Lee Designs + Discount

Name: Megan Lee Designs
Location: Chicago, Illinois
Style: Quirky, Hand-drawn, Fun
Prices: $54 and under
Shipping: Free shipping over $50
Social: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Etsy


An old Singer sewing machine and screen printing classes reignited a love of...Read More »

{New Jersey} Shore to Please Designs

Name: Shore to Please Designs
Location: Petersburg, New Jersey
Style: Nautical, Playful, Athletic
Prices: Most under $30 with a few higher priced items
Shipping: No free shipping
Social: FacebookInstagram


Shore to Please Designs sells custom shirts for women and children, along with gift &...Read More »

{Kentucky} Patent Prints

Name: Patent Prints
Location: Bowling Green, Kentucky
Style: Vintage, Unique, Rustic
Prices:  Varies greatly depending on size.  Most are under $50
Shipping: No free shipping
Social: Facebook, Instagram

Patent Prints takes really cool, vintage patents and puts them on posters, t-shirts, mugs,...Read More »

{Maine} Hang Tight Studio + Discount

Name: Hang Tight Studio
Location: Kennebunk, Maine
Style: Colorful, Happy, Patterned
Prices: $180 is highest price, but prices vary greatly depending on the item
Shipping: No free shipping
Social: FacebookInstagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Website

Oh, the color in...Read More »

{Maine} Maine Birch Works Etsy Shop

Name: Maine Birch Works
Location: Poland, Maine
Style: Rustic, Local, Unique
Prices: Under $50
Shipping: No free shipping

Owner, maker, and marketer, Chris, of Maine Birch Works crafts beautiful ring boxes, coasters, and cufflinks out of wood.  His creations are pretty & rugged.  They can be personalized...Read More »

{Indiana} Feather & Serif + Discount

Name: Feather & Serif
Location: Goshen, Indiana
Style: Inspirational, Uplifting, Graphic
Prices: Under $28
Shipping: No free shipping offered
Social: Facebook, Instagram


The two sisters behind the Etsy shop Feather & Serif combine their love of words and creation to...Read More »

{Arkansas} Simply Grey Design Co.

Name: Simply Grey Design Co.
Location: Marvell, Arkansas
Style: Graphic, Simple, Casual
Prices: Under $30
Shipping: No free shipping offered


Simply Grey Design Co offers styles that appeal to simple and rustic tastes.  They have some fun graphic tees perfect for my easy-going style.  Here...Read More »